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Every order is unique and clients have the option to customise after their purchase. Whether its a complete colour change you're after, an alternative font or a few tweaks by using different materials such as paper or ribbon type. All changes can dramatically change the look and style of an invitation. More information about customising invitations can be seen here, though if you have any questions just ask. Invitations are available as single samples which you have the option of ordering in the colours of your choice. Sample bundles are also available if you are new to the whole process and want to see various styles.

I will help you through every stage and provide physical samples and swatches where required. I also guide you through writing the content of your invites and making sure all the right information is included for your guests..

Enjoy browsing, and don't forget to check out my availability page before ordering. Claire x


Can't see something you want? Contact me.. chances are, I can do it Cx